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Q. Our grandfather is chronically hospitalized in a home where no candles or lighting matches ares allowed because of the constant use of oxygen. Since that became practically his residence, can he comply with lighting of the menorah with an electrical incandescent battery operated light bulb, such as a flashlight that will stay on for a half an hour? Can he recite a bracha on it?
A. On a similar question (414) we wrote; ‘Most Poskim rule that you should not recite a brocho on an electric menorah since it lacks a proper wick and therefore does not conform with the definition of “hadloko” or lighting. It also lacks an existing fuel supply, since the necessary electricity is not stored but rather it is constantly being generated. (Bais Yitzchok Y.D. 1: 120 & 2: 130, Levushei Mordechai 3: 59, Yaskil Avdi 3: 17, Nitey Gavriel – Chanuka 18: 23, Har Tzvi O.H. 2: 114, and others).’
However, some Poskim permit lighting even with a brocho (Bris Sholom O.H. 69, Piskei Moshe 1: 6, Eishel Avrohom – Chidushim Shabbos 22a, Maim Chaim O.H. 273, and others), While some remain is doubt (Tzitz Eliezer 1: 20: 12).
Horav Shlomo Miller’s Shlit”a opinion is to be stringent, but he permits, when no other possibility exist to light without a brocho on a battery powered electric menorah.
The best solution the Rov added, would be to name a shaliach and have the agent light at the patient’s home.
Since in in this case there is no other home, the Rov suggested that if there is a Rabbi or Chaplain in that institution he should be approached and asked to light somewhere in a safe area of the building a proper menorah and have in mind every person staying in the institution.
Rabbi A. Bartfeld as advised by Horav Shlomo Miller and Horav Aharon Miller Shlit’a

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