# 2740 No Returns?

1) June 23 Chukas B. Q. My first (question) is regarding a situation I was asked about from a ger tzedek. He heard that there is talk about conversions being annulled. So, I wanted to ask for him:
Is it ever possible for a Beit Din to rescind someone’s giyur, and more importantly, under what kind of circumstances? His concern is that he has an issue with a rabbi in the community, and is afraid to seek resolution or complain for fear that there may be retribution against him with the possible resultant loss of his status as a ger.
A. In principle once someone converted properly, namely by a recognized orthodox Beis Din, immersing properly in a kosher mikva, and accepting to comply with all the mitzvos of the Torah, the conversion cannot be annulled.
It happens from time to time that questions and doubts may surface regarding any of the factors mentioned above and a Posek or Beis Din may decide to repeat the gerus process. It is unlikely it would happen when the Beis Din who undertook and certified the conversion was an accepted and expert Beis Din dedicated to gerus.
The above usually applies, even when after a proper and recognized conversion, the ger does not comply in actual practice with all the mitzvos accepted. (Yebamos 47b. Rambam H. Gerus 13: 17, Shulchan Aruch Y.D. 117: 2).
There are some exceptions to the above, as in the case of a ger kotton or minor who was properly converted together with his parents or by being adopted by a Jewish family. In such case, the minor has the option to rescind the conversion when he or she reach the age of mitzvos compliance. If there is disapproval or rejection of mitzvos at that time, the conversion will become annulled.
There are other more singular situations such as the case mentioned in Igrois Moshe (Y.D. 2: 124), when it was obvious that a woman converted for the purpose of marriage and then the marital opportunity dissolved, questioning if it was a “mistaken gerus” or not. There are other similar cases to be found in the Teshuvos.
There is much debate in Halacha Teshuvos on conversions that were done, when it was obvious that the converts did not have the intention to comply with the mitzvos they openly accepted.
Likely, the best option for this particular ger tzedek is to approach the Rov or Beis Din that did his conversion and ask for their help. in his problem.
Rabbi A. Bartfeld as advised by Horav Shlomo Miller and Horav Aharon Miller Shlit’a

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