# 2713 An Offer One Can Refuse

Q. Thanks for your answer that shows both expertise and common sense. I have another question, I was offered the position of president of my synagogue and it is possible that I can be effective in bettering things there. But I’m afraid it is going to be too though for me to follow through. Is there a prohibition to say no, when you can do good? Did not Moshe Rabbenu refuse many times to go and take out the Jews from Egypt, until G-D forced him to go?
A.  Recently we wrote on Parshas Behaloscha the following question: It is mentioned that Eldod and Meidod, although they were chosen to be members of the Seventy Sages, and the spirit of Hashem rested on them, seemingly by their own choice, they remained in the camp. If they were rightly chosen, and they remained neviim, why did they refuse to join the others? To what we answered: “They followed the ways of Moshe Rabbeinu himself. When he was asked by Hashem to take out the Yiden from Mitzrayim, he refused for a whole week, asserting that he was not capable of doing it it and gave all kinds of reasons why not. After all, as it is mentioned in the parsha, he was the most humble man of all.
Medresh Rabba (14) mentions that Eldod and Meidod where even greater tzadikim than the rest of the seventy chosen. They decided in their anavah and modesty, to better stay in the camp with all the people, and not to take an elevated position, but rather work with the people, in the camp for their sake. They were rewarded with their names being recorded in the Torah and the spirit of Hashem’s nevuah resting forever on them.
It is difficult to answer properly your question without knowing the details involved. As Horav Shlomo Miller Shlit’a often recommends in similar cases, you have to consult the Rabbi of your shul, who is familiar with the work to be done and with your particular situation
Rabbi A. Bartfeld as advised by Horav Shlomo and Horav Aharon Miller Shlit’a

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