Q. Today, June 8th 2020 the government of Ontario announced that commencing this Friday June 12th, places of worship including Shuls can be used provided they operate at 30% capacity.
Please tell me if Rabbi Shlomo Miller permits minyanim to operate in Toronto under these conditions.
A. Indeed Ontario premier Doug Ford announced yesterday that churches will be opening at a 30% capacity, starting June 12, but details of how and what are the requirements needed. were not yet publicized.
Horav Shlomo Miller Shlit’a is out of town, but I did consult with the Rosh Hakolel Horav Yaakov Hirschman Shlit’a, who told me today that the Kolel will likely be opening for this Shabbos tefilos, with restrictions that include the list of people who are allowed to join. As soon as the details are given, there likely will be an announcement from all other Rabbonim .
The Rov added that he he maintains that the kissing of the Torah, is a major factor in the risk of spreading the virus, and should be avoided.
Rabbi A. Bartfeld