Q. (See question 2689 above). Sometimes the bachur comes late (he has an aide who brings him). What should I do if I am supposed to daven with him but he is late (I am makpid to start shemone ezre with the minyan, as otherwise it is a shaila if it is tefilla btzibbur, plus it is very distracting for me because I keep thinking, “Is he coming, is he not coming, how late will he come”? Could I just start davening on my own (if he is more than a minute late), even though now he won’t have anyone to be motzi him? How long should I wait? Plus, in order to reach his place, he walks in front of people who are davening. What should be done?
A. In principle you don’t have to sacrifice your own tefilah betzibur for the sake of someone else, especially if he is late. You should daven your own amida properly and then tend to the special needs of your friend and be motzi him.
You should also instruct the aide, that if he arrives once the tzibur has began their amida, they should wait until they end, to avoid walking in front of people while they are davening. You may also ask the Shaliach Tzibur , to be motze him with chazoras hashatz.
Rabbi A. Bartfeld as advised by Horav Shlomo Miller Shlit’a