# 2682 Kaddish Yes, Keddusha Yes, Kiddush No!

Q. I heard that Horav Miller Shlit’a has changed recently his position regarding davening in shuls, what is his latest p’sak?
A. On a letter of Iyar 25, also printed in the Kolel web site Horav Shlomo Miller Shlit’a wrote:
“With Government restrictions regarding social gatherings slowly being lifted and minyanim organized in a lawful manner are becoming more possible, it is the responsibility of the hosts of these minyanim, to properly organize the minyan in a manner keeping the rules of social distancing. As well, it is incumbent on all individuals partaking in these minyanim to practice proper social distancing of at least 2 meters between other mispalilim and follow all other necessary practices
before, after and throughout davening to avoid any further spread of the virus. The participants may only gather for Tefila and no kiddush.”
(Horav) Shlomo Miller

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