Q. I will be zooming a shiur on Lag Baomer topics before maariv on the eve of Lag Baomer, as I do in more normal circumstances every year. Since I usually mention a number of times that tonight is Lag Baomer and it is already after the shkia, on other years I follow Horav Miller’s Shlit’a advise and I ask the shliach tzibur to be motzi me with the brocho. As in this pandemic year we daven alone, that is not a possibility. If I just declare, that I don’t want to be yotze with the mitzva when actually mentioning that it is Lag Baomet, will that help? Does it count if I forget later on that I had that intention and made such condition?
A. Indeed on question 1702 we addressed a similar shaila on someone teaching in shul after the shkia before maariv about Lag Baomer on the eve of that day. He mentioned many times the name Lag Baomer without any intention to be or not to be yotze. If he can still count after maariv with a brocho; to what we answered:
“Horav Shlomo Miller’s Shlit’a opinion is that one in the above situation, although in principle he can recite the brocho, it is better if he would ask someone else to recite the brocho that night and have him in mind.”
The Rov maintains that in your case, if you declare before the shiur, that you do not want to be yotze with the mitzva when you mention Lag Baomer as you speak, you will not comply then and you can count with a brocho later on. That is correct even if at the time of the shiur you did not remember the condition said.
Rabbi A. Bartfeld as advised by Horav Shlomo Miller Shlit’a