# 2652 Actions Daven Volumes

Q. I used to volunteer for Hatzala and Shomrim, but the last years, my busy business and also the fact. I’m a bit older. did not permit me the extra effort. During these terrible corona days when davening is without a minyan, and I also have more time, should I place a special effort to rejoin, so at least I will be part of a tzibur doing great chessed? Will that count as tantamount to davening betzibur? (I almost never missed tefila betzibur in my adult life).
A. It would seem logical that when one is able and healthy and decides that he will make an extra effort and sacrifice himself and his time, to save the lives and help other people, his acts speak volumes. It stands to reason, that although you may not be able to daven now with a minyan, your tefilos will be gladly accepted in shomaim and greatly appreciated, since they are not only words recited with great kavana and feeling, they are recited by one who’s actions are all heart and devotion to Hashem and the tzibur. As one Godol interpreted the saying (Brochos 32b); Tefila is greater than maasim tovim (good actions); meaning, tefila becomes great, when it comes from maasim tovim.
Rabbi A. Bartfeld as advised by Horav Shlomo Miller and Horav Dovid Pam Shlit’a

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