Q. I heard that Horav Miller Shlit’a changed yesterday (4/19/20) his ruling in regard to minyonim in the backyard, is it true? What is the new ruling?
A. As mentioned in the last question, Covid’s sole true constancy is its ability to change. I spoke to the Rov Shlit’a this afternoon (4/20/20) and indeed, he maintains that for the time being, people can attend a front porch or backyard minyan, only once a day, for Mincha, and when davening a “hoiche shemonesre” (without the repetition of the amida), followed by one single kadish yosom.
No taalis should be donned (so not to provoke unnecessary feelings of “eiva,” (dislike) with the neighbors.
Essential conditions are that only the people dwelling in those houses are permitted to be part of the minyan, no visitors are allowed and the safe recommended distance must be always maintained.
Rabbi A. Bartfeld as advised by Horav Shlomo Miller Shlit’a