Q. A few days ago Beezras Hashem my wife gave birth to a healthy beautiful baby girl. We follow the Rov’s instructions and we don’t go these days to shul. My question is what do we do with giving her a name. Can we just choose the name and be mefarsem it, by publicizing it through phone calls and emails? or maybe we can do a zoom kiddush? Is that effective?
While I was discussing the shailah (via internet of course) with friends, we were also wondering, what do people do during these terrible mesukandik (dangerous) times, when many are, Hashem Yerachem, in intensive care and hanging on by a thread. If one wants do do a shinui hashem and change the name of the ill, how does it take effect?
A. Horav Shlomo Miller Shlit’a, in principle is not much in favor of using the internet. However, during these difficult times, after the fact, it could be used together with phone calls to publicize and establish a new name or to change an existing one. The Rov mentioned that a proper kiddush and seudas hoda’a, to thank Hashem for His great Chessed, should be carried out, iy”H when things change soon for the best.