# 2588 Who Rises in Times of Crisis?

Q. What can people do, during these difficult times of the Covin invasion, to have Siatta Dishmaya to survive and stay healthy?
A. The best way to evoke and elicit Hashem’s chessed to us, is for us to do chessed with others. I’m including a letter sent to the leaders and individuals of the community.
With the counsel, guidance and the brochos of Horav Shlomo Miller Shlit’a, Horav M. M. Lowy shlit’a and the special help of Rebetzin Hirschman and Mrs. Heller of Bikur Cholim, we ask the Rabbonim, presidents or directors of all shuls and congregations, as well as all individuals in Toronto, during these difficult times when people’s lives are being so disrupted, to provide the following crucial help.
Namely, to prepare two lists of their members and contacts. Firstly, a list of the persons in need now, such as the elderly, ill, dependent or lonely individuals, who because of the difficult and stressful situation we are undergoing, cannot cope by themselves. The help during these problematic days may be providing food and other needs, or just a simple phone-call to let them know that other people care for them and they are not alone.
A second list would be a list of volunteers. We know that a crisis can bring out the very best in people, and many are indeed willing to help. They just have to become well organized to do it correctly and fully. The honorable and blessed institution of Bikur Cholim is here to help, receive the lists and coordinate the efforts.
The contact information with Bikur Cholim is 416 783 7983 – info@bikurcholim.ca (Mrs. Heller, Esti, or Naomi).
May Hashem bless us all with rachamim and yeshuos bekorov.
Rabbi A. Bartfeld as revised by Horav Shlomo Miller and Horav M. M. Lowy Shlit’a

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