# 2582 Doing Right In Difficult Times

Q. Kavod HaRov
I am sure the Rov is dealing with major decisions and this might be trivial – and if the Rov has time to reply, that would be much appreciated. Toronto Grapevine is only an email – should we stop posting rides and packages so as not to encourage that activity?  Any other suggestions/directions? 
Thank you for the Rov’s  time and support!  May we hear Besoros Tovos.
This is the email we received:
Good afternoon.
I’m not usually the one to complain, or an alarmist,  but so much has been written regarding this virus- social distancing, no travel that is not essential, proper hand washing, etc.  The government of Canada has told everyone that if you come from anyplace outside Canada you must quarantine 14 days.
To that end, I am shocked that people are still traveling back and forth from Lakewood (are they in 14 day quarantine when arriving?) or the NY area altogether.  I just got an update from YWN that all New Yorkers should consider themselves as if they’ve had some contact with the virus. It’s that bad. Parts of NJ are in lockdown.  Need I go on?
There has been so much good coming from this site. What a great amount of chesed has come from Toronto Grapevine!  However, I think that, if someone is misinformed or does not understand the gravity of the situation, we should not aid in spreading this by bringing packages back and forth or thinking that’s it’ll be business as usual on Pesach. 
Please do not use my name publicly. I’m just trying to protect all of us here from a much worse consequence Chas Veshalom.  There is plenty of matzah to be had here BH. 
A. As we mentioned on question 2578, Horav Shlomo Miller’s Shlit’a opinion is that one should follow the (updated) professional medical and government advise for workplaces, places of worship and schools to help stop the spread of the coronavirus. such as washing hands, and avoiding touching faces and eyes etc.
Because of the many constantly changing factors involved, the Rov asserts that to obtain a correct answer, one must constantly consult with the competent Rabbi and Physician familiar with his particular state and condition.
There is a profound dichotomy and contradiction to a great crisis. It can not only make us realize how small and powerless we really are, but at the same time, on the opposite extreme, it can show us how much good we can actually do. A crisis can bring out and should bring out the very best in people.
Therefor the Rov advises that the great and numerous good deeds and mitzvos that the Toronto Grapevine has constantly achieved, should continue in order to help the ones in need in a time of great need.
Needless to repeat that everything should be done under competent medical and professional supervision to avoid any potential spread of the virus.
Rabbi A. Bartfeld as advised by Horav Shlomo Miller Shlit’a

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