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Q. I’m a woman that traditionally goes to shul to listen to Parshas Parah, same as Parshas Zachor. Should I go to shul this Shabbath considering the existing coronavirus hazardous health situation?
Is there a need to be mattir neder?
A. Regarding a woman’s obligation to listen to Parshas Zachor, on question 1648 and 1281 we wrote: “Many Poskim write that women are exempt from listening to Parshas Parah, even according to the opinions (Tosafos Brochos 13a, Sulchan Aruch O.H. 146: 2 & 685: 7) that maintain it is a mitzva of the Torah for men to read, since the mitzva is on the tzibur or community to procure a Parah Adumah and not on the individuals, as opposed to erasing Amalek’s name. Some also see it as a “mitzvas asei shehazman g’ramah,” since it serves as a preparation for Pesach, and adding the fact that it can only be done at daytime, turns it into a time sensitive mitzva, that excludes women.
In addition, the Parah Adumah’s purpose is also to atone for the eigel’s sin, and women did not partake in it.
However, Nitei Gavriel Purim 22: 4: n. 6) quotes dissenting minhagim. See also Moadim Uzmanim (2: 168).
Horav Shlomo Miller’s Shlit’a opinion is similar to most Poskim and there is no need for women to come to shul for Parshas Parah, unless they follow a particular established family minchag. There is therefore also no need for them to read the parsha at home.”
As mentioned before, there are some opinions that maintain women should listen to Parshas Parah, and some do. Mikroei Kodesh mentions that since the reason for reading this parsha is to prepare the nation to purify themselves with the ashes of the Parah to be able to bring the Korban Pesach, since women take part in the korban, they should also be included in reading the parsha.”
However, in the current unusual health situation, the Rov maintains that she may avoid going to shul. The Rov added that there is no need to be matir nedder, as she likely never had in mind to create one. (See question 1051).
Rabbi A. Bartfeld as revised by Horav Shlomo Miller Shlit’a

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