Q. When reciting a mi sheberach for a sick person, we usually quote his mothers name. If he is a Cohen or a Levy, should the gabay say Hacohen or Halevy after his name or after the mothers name, as we usually do with the father?
A. On question 424 we quoted “Birkey Yosef (Y.D. 240: 4) who rules that when praying on behalf of one’s father or Rebbe, he should omit mentioning titles of honor. As Shlomo said when talking to Hashem; “David my father” and Elisha expressed: “the G-d of Eliahu”. The reason is that in front of Hashem we can only be humble. Uriah, he adds, was considered rebellious when he mentioned; “my master Yoav” in the presence of King David. A similar position is quoted in Minchas Chinuch (257: 12) in the name of Maavar Yabok.
Horav Shlomo Miler’s Shlit”a opinion is that you don’t have to mention in a Mi Sheverach the fact that the sick individual, is a cohen or levy.”
However, the Rov added that in places where they do mention cohen or levy, this title should be mentioned before the mother’s name.
Rabbi A. Bartfeld as revised by Horav Shlomo Miller Shlit’a