# 2484 Siyumim Without an End

Q. I am working to a proficiency in Mishnayos. I learn 6 Mishnayos a day and review the Mishnayos done in the previous 8 days. When I complete 18 chapters, I add a separate learning period of reviewing 18 chapters daily. The idea is to review often enough that I may become familiar enough with Mishnayos in order to review 18 chapters daily and complete all of Mishnayos every month.
Question 1: In my review of 8 days previous days’ learning, when I complete a Seder, I in fact complete it every day for a nine-day stretch. Does this qualify for nine separate seudos mitzvah of a Siyum on each of those days?
Question 2: Once I have reviewed enough to learn 18 chapters daily, do I make a Seudas Siyum every time I complete a Seder and/or every month when I complete all 6 Sedarim?
A. On question 211 regarding multiple consecutive siyumim, due by learning the same mesechta again,we wrote: “There are a number of sources for celebrating a Siyum at the end of learning a complete Mesechta (Talmud Shabbos 118b, Bava Basra 121a, Midrash Shir Hashirim 1, Midrash Koheles Rabo 1), it would seem from all of them that it does not make a difference how many times or when you have learned the same Mesechta, when you finish you rejoice at the end of the mitzvah with a Siyum.
Shem Mishmuel (parshas Miketz), sees in every Leil Shabbos meal, a Siyum Seuda, celebrating the end of the creation of the world, even if we do commemorate so every single week. Moreover, Responsa Shem Mishimon (O.H. 2:4) considers the Melave Malka Seuda as a Siyum for all the feasts and the mitzvois of Shabbos.
A well-known story of Rav Zelig Reuben Bengis Zt”l describes how this extreme masmid would every some months rejoice with a Siyum Hashas. On one occasion, he repeated the Siyum only days after the last one, and his friends were wondering how could he have ever finished the whole Shas in such a short period of time. He explained that this was a separate Siyum, he achieved concurrently by using all spare minutes during his day over the years.
Horav Shlomo Miller’s Shlit’a opinion is that indeed you can make a Siyum every time you finish reviewing, and it would count as a Seudas Mitzva on the nine days too.”
The Rov maintains that the same applies to finishing a complete seder of mishnayos, and a siyum could be done by each one.
Rabbi A. Bartfeld as revised by Horav Shlomo Miller Shlit’a

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