Q. (See prior question 2306). If one ate a full shiur amount of the raw kernels what bracha acharona does one recite?
A. Shulchan Aruch (O.H. 208: 4) mentions that Tosafos (Brochos 36) debates if one should recite al hamichya, since after all they are “minei dagan” or the unique kind of grains that may require at least a special bracha acharona. Mishna Berura (ibid. 17) debates if instead of saying “al hamichya” one may say “al ha’adama veal pri ha’adama,” being similar to the established “al haetz veal pri haetz” we recite on unique fruits. However, since we do not find this type of blessing, it remains in doubt and preferable one should avoid eating a shiur amount or recite only bore nefashos.
Rabbi A. Bartfeld