Q. One who is being driven to the mountains and suddenly remembers that he did not daven Maariv yet, and he can tell the driver to pull over and wait 15 minutes while he davens with a minyan (the last available minyan) – but there are four other people in the car who will have to wait because they already davened. Should he ask them to pull over and wait for him? Are they obligated to pull over? Or should he just daven by himself in order not to cause inconvenience to his fellow travelers? Would it make a difference if the other people are Bnei Torah who understand the importance of davening with a minyan, even though they might be slightly annoyed?
A. The opinion of Horav Dovid Pam and Horav Aaron Miller Shlit’a, (Rabbonim at the Toronto Kollel), is that one has to consult with the other travelers in the car first. Although they are not obligated to wait, one may tell them that they will share in his mitzva. One may offer them also some kind of compensation.
Rabbi A. Bartfeld as advised by Rabbonim at the Toronto Kollel