Q. Is there a issue of mayim megulim like the opinion of the Pri Chadash in North Miami Beach? I noticed lizards in my rental home (one fell on my head in the house) and a snake in the backyard maybe they come in too… Thank you!
A. Poskim (Chesed Lealofim 4: 10, Kise Eliahu) indeed mention that one should not step or wash on Maim Megulim or uncovered water in places were snakes or scorpions may be present in them. They both quote the P’ri Chadash (Y.D, 116) that nowadays in Yerushalaim there are many snakes and scorpions to be found in the streets (as opposed to the days when the Beis Hamikdosh was extant), and therefore uncovered waters should not be used for washing, and even feeding animals, unless they are a small minority as opposed to the other waters.
Horav Shlomo miller’s opinion is that besides the traditional Maim Megulim issues, since there is a distinct possibility that the waters on those areas may attract all kinds of harmful creatures, one and one’s family, should not swim on those water and abstain from washing or immersing in them, unless the waters have been kept covered and closed-in by a fence or other means, and also checked before using them or swimming in them, especially when children are involved.
As our Sages constantly teach “Chamiro Sakanta Meisuro,” Endangering oneself, is more severe and a greater prohibition than eating or benefiting from proscribed items.
Rabbi A. Bartfeld as revised by Horav Shlomo Miller Shlit’a