Q. If one eats a seuda on Chol Hamoed (See question 2147 above), does one need lechem mishna (two matzos) as in Yom Tov?
A. Kaf Hachaim (ibid.) does quote an opinion that on Chol Hamoed as in Rosh Chodesh it is commendable to place lechem mishne on the table. Not as an obligation, but just to show that it is different than a weekday.
Ribabos Efraim (O.H. 352) quotes Sefer Hatodoa (2: p. 224) that lechem mishna should be used in Chol Hamoed and also one should light candles as we do in Yom Tov. He explains that the Sefer Hatodoa may be following the opinion of HaGra and others that one complies with the mitzva of matza with every kezais one eats during Pesach. (See questions 2122-23, 2136).
However, the common minhag is not to place lechem mishna.
Rabbi A. Bartfeld