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  • # 3207 To Enjoy or Not to Enjoy

    Q. Is it correct for one to eat a piece of cake or chocolate candy, that one really likes (not on Shabbat), if one also recites a bracha with lots of Kavana and intention, and deeply thanks Hashem for the pleasure he is having. Or is it better to abstain from physical pleasures, and comply […]

  • # 3208 Kasher Cashier?

    Q. When undercharged by a Gentile cashier in a Yiddishe store, is one obligated to go back and pay them as soon as possible? Does it make a difference how much? Can one simply assume that there was some discount that one was not aware of? A. Horav Shlomo Miller’s Shlit’a opinion is that one […]

  • # 3209 Cashier’s Kiddush Hashem

    Q. On question 3208 above. If that occurred in a Non-Jewish store, should he also call the owner? A. Horav Shlomo Miller’s Shlit’a opinion is that even considering that there may be a reason to call, in order to create a Kiddush Hashem, (after all it is a case of Tous Akum and therefore permitted), […]

  • # 3210 Together but Apart

    Q. In our zealous Covid days, our shul provided Shaleshudes and gives small challos for Lechem Mishne, that are packed individually in small transparent paper or plastic bags. Since most only use one of those challos, does it count as Lechem Mishne if the second bread is kept in its bag, so others will use […]

  • # 3211 Lucky Locker

    Q. May one ask someone on Shabbos to open the Havdalah locker in yeshiva (where the items for Havdala are kept), if that person might not be around later and one needs the items for Havdalah? A. There are two issues involved, one is Muktza and the other is Hachana or preparing during Shabbos for […]

  • # 3212 Pooling of Davening Interests

    Q. At a shiva I recently attended, the davening was carried out in the backyard, next to a swimming pool that is usually heated and also serves some times as a mikva for men. The pool was covered. Was that permitted? A. Chassam Soffer (O.H. 1: 18) debates about a mikva of hot water in […]

  • # 3213 Tell Another Tale

    Q. If five already davened and five need to daven, should one inform them that there are not six mispallelim or better not to say anything as it will lead to machlokes and upset feelings and frustration over not having a minyan (where it is hard to find a sixth person who didn’t daven)? A. […]

  • # 3214 Lose Sleep On This?

    Q. If one slept on Erev Shavuos afternoon a few hours but stayed up the rest of the Shavuos night learning can he recite Elokai Neshama? A. Mishna Berura (46: 24) rules that one who was up a whole night, although Poskim disagree, he should avoid reciting Elokai Neshama and ask someone else who slept […]

  • # 3215 Look Out for The Looks

    Q. What does Rav Shlomo, shlit”a hold about the new lace-top and lace-front sheitels? Are they permissible to wear? A. Rabbonim from Boro Park, Lakewood and other communities, including the Skverer Dayan, Rav Mechel Steinmetz, the Kosover Rebbe and others have recently expressed their concern about the new “Lace Top” wigs that are extremely difficult […]

  • # 3216 Bigwig’s Wigs Opinion?

    Q. Re- question 3215 above. Like other women that wear sheitels, I’m very familiar with many kinds of them. I purchased one of these new Lace Top Sheietels months ago after an extensive search. My experience with them is that they truly do look natural. However, your answer quoting many Rabbonim is incorrect, since you […]