Q. Can I apply for a Part-Time Synagogue Operations Administrator in a Conservative shul that requires to work closely with the Spiritual Leader and Creative Director, collaborate and contribute to the overall goals of the Shul team by providing input, and support all programs/projects and events.
Manage preparation, implementation, logistics and follow-up for all projects, including Shabbat, High Holy Days and Festival services; fundraising events; creative programming, music events and special projects.
Handle contracts for event venues, project partners, speakers, sourcing .Manage life-cycle contracts, wedding registry, billing and logistics. When needed, attend synagogue services and events. Is it permitted?
A. Horav Shlomo Miller’s Shlit’a opinion is that one should avoid such a position since one would be contributing extensively to programs/projects and events that are not following the laws of our Torah.
Rabbi A. Bartfeld as advised by Horav Shlomo Miller and Horav Aharon Miller Shlit’a