Q. Is it permitted to be an Uber driver if one has to drive women passengers at night in deserted streets. due to the prohibition of Yichud (seclusion) with individuals of the other gender?
How about a woman taking a similar ride even on a taxi. is that permitted?
A. Indeed it is a difficult situation to solve. Even during daytime the Uber car should not have tinted windows.
However, there is relief if the Uber driver places a video camera in his vehicle, as is common in similar situations.
On question 828 we wrote: “Horav Nissim Karelitz Shlit”a (quoted in Moriah-Elul 5771 p.146) maintains that security cameras are to be regarded as an open door to the street in regards to the Yichud prohibition, which the Node Beyihuda (E.H. 71) permits. He mentions that they do not have to be scrutinized on real time, as long as there is a possibility that the tape (or digital recording) could later be seen, it is an effective deterrent.
Minchas Ish (p. 267) permits yichud inside the safe deposit-box room in banks, due to the presence of security cameras. See also Nitey Gavriel (Yichud 45: 8 – p 283). See also questions 2666, 2252 and 2288.
As far as a woman traveling in a Taxi or an Uber in those conditions, we wrote in a similar question (828): “Horav Shlomo Miller Shlit’a has advised on similar situations to take your cell phone with you and leave it with the camera on facing you, while a friend is checking on you.