# 3173 Earn One’s Daily Bread Brocho

1) Q. In reference to question 3156, since the flour goes through a process and the result is only wheat starch, why isn’t it different than other starches or products that have totally changed their form? When an apple changes its form into apple sauce, its brocho becomes shehakol. When the starch from corn or potato is extracted, the product made from the starch is now shehakol. Why then, when the starch is extracted from flour and it it is now a totally new form, why isn’t shehakol the appropriate brocho on the product made from such starch?
2) Q. In reference once again to questions 3155 and 3156 in regard to the Molino gluten free flour. Once the starch has been extracted from the flour, it has changed its form so much that it is not possible to make bread from it without the additional ingredients in the flour. For example, without the corn flour it wouldn’t rise at all. Therefore the question once again is, why is the brocho of hamotzi given based on the wheat starch?
A. The reason for the Hamotzi brocho, is that the removal of the gluten does not change the end product which tastes, looks and smells like bread.
The process although different from the usual bread baking, involves similar inter-medial transformations, when the dough is inedible and different from the end product. This process has become standardized and common in making this type of bread.
We must note, that the final bread product of all common bread, similarly cannot be reached without adding additional substances also, in its due process.
Rabbi A. Bartfeld as advised by Horav Shlomo Miller and Horav Aharon Miller Shlit’a

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