# 3123 Seeing Eye to Eye

Q. In 2017 my optometrist, saw a hole in my left retina, and was able to book me in fast, to see a Retinologist, who in turn was able to seal the hole in my retina by laser on that very same day. Failure to act promptly to a torn retina often results in irreversible blindness.
Now I have been found with a thinning in the retina, it’s getting ready to become a hole; I have been booked again, however it turned out to be on the 2nd day of Shavuot. The appointments cannot be delayed without greatly increasing the risk.
My Main Question is: Is the risk of loosing the eyesight of one eye considered to be a life-threatening issue that permits to travel to the hospital on Yom Tov (second day) and having done that operation. (The doctors are not Jewish). Could this have been done on the first day of Yom Tov?
A. Shulchan Aruch (O.H. 328: 9) rules that illness of the eyes is treated as a life threatening disease and in need one can desecrate Shabbos as medically required to save the eye. Certainly in your case it would be permitted to travel to the hospital for the necessary eye saving operation.
Please contact Bikur Cholim, as the will advise you how to contract Uber and get the necessary transportation that does not need to be paid on Yom Tov. It is proffered that when possible you should stay in the hospital until the end of Yom Tov.
Rabbi A. Bartfeld as advised by Horav Shlomo Miller and Horav Aharon Miller Shlit’a

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