# 3094 Feels on Meals

Q. I have some questions about the meals of Erev Pesach. Both my husband and I must have breakfast before the tefillah because health issues. We consider breakfast our second Shabbat meal, and lunch would be Seudat shlishit. I was thinking this Erev Pesach to make breakfast as always with pita, bentch, wait an hour, while davening shacharit. then wash hands again, make hamotzi with pita then say Birkat Hamazom. We would continue with the parasha and musaf. then, at lunch time eat the rest of the food without bread. Would this be OK?
A. One should not eat a meal before reciting Shema and the Tefila, whether on Shabbos or weekdays. If someone has health issues, one may eat cereals, hard boiled eggs, fruits or salads and similar before the Tefila, but not bread or mezonos.
On this year when Erev Pesach, coincides with Shabbos, one should daven very early including Mussaf, preferably with the Netz or sunrise. Then proceed with kiddush and washing on challa or pita and eating the first part of the meal, such as eating the fish or similar. This should be followed by benching. You may indeed, read the Parsha, to separate between the meals, or walk outside, while being careful to wash again and eat the second meal that may include the cholent or meat, when chometz is still allowed. Since this is the second bread meal of the day, it would be considered Shalosh Seudos.
Later on the afternoon, when needed. one may eat a lesser meal of Pesach food without eating any matza or similar, which is then not permitted, and just about enough to still be able to eat with appetite at the Seder when Yom Tov begins.
Rabbi A. Bartfeld as advised by Horav Shlomo Miller and Horav Aharon Miller Shlit’a

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