# 3073 Smell the Shalach Manos?

Q. I have a dear friend that is in hospital and is being fed intravenously as he can’t digest any food. I would like to send him Shalach Manot to rise his spirits this Purim. He complained to me that he dislikes the smell in his multiple people room. Would I comply with this mitzva if I bring him an air freshener with a scent he likes. Since this year Purim is Erev Shabbat, time is of the essence. If I know I can comply with this important mitzva I would do every effort to have the deodorizer reach him on Purim, otherwise I would wait until after Shabbat. Does one comply?
A. Tzitz Eliezer (9: 33) rules that cigarettes, cigars, smelling and chewing tobacco, although in Yom Tov some Poskim permit their use, since they consider them to be for those who use them Ochel Nefesh or needed as actual food. However, in regard to Shalach Monos you require actual edible and nourishing food.
Other Poskim disagree and permit them for Shalach Monos also (Divrei Yisroel 1: 223, quoted by Piskei Teshuvos 695: 17).
One may argue that the same may apply to other desirable and needed scents and fragrances. And as they also argue, they may be enhancers for getting a greater appetite and eating better. Besides, some Poskim also permit, after one has already complied with proper food Shalach Mones, to send other desirable non-food gifts as Shalach Mones and called them by that title (Divrei Yisroel 1: 223, Beis Sheorim 380, Piskei Teshuvos 695: 17).
Horav Shlomo Miller’s Shlit’a opinion is that you should make an effort to have the air freshener delivered during Purim if this is going to give the patient happiness and cheer him up.
See also question 3055 above, ‘The Real Spirit of Purim.’
Rabbi A. Bartfeld as advised by Horav Shlomo Miller and Horav Aharon Miller Shlit’a

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